Corporate Headquarters of Curtin Matheson Scientific, Inc., Houston Texas
- R&A Architects AIA

CMS is an international biomedical supply company. This project is a 65,000 sq. ft. warehouse with an 80,000 sq. ft. two-story office complex which includes corporate offices, a regional and international branch, all facing a large central atrium. The site plan allows for future expansion and was developed around a large, beautiful 100-year-old Pecan tree. Building amenities included are: auditorium/ conference room, printing/postal facilities, 10,000 sq. ft. computer center, health club and cafeteria/lunch room, as well as a luxurious executive wing. The executive offices and the computer programmer's offices privately interact with walled-in landscaped patios. Fountains, plants and trees complement the skylighted atrium. The office building and the warehouse are designed for state of the art computerization and high-tech computerized electronic warehouse picking and sorting equipment. The warehouse is furnished with an explosion-proof vault for highly flammable red label items. The lighting design is unique, in that each work division has a system best suited for the functions of that department. The Atrium is roofed with insulated translucent Kalwall panels to supplement the planting with natural light. The Computer Programming Department lighting is designed to eliminate veiling reflections on the monitors. The Sales Division is illuminated with indirect light fixtures to retain a high foot candle level for writing orders, viewing a microfiche unit at each desk, and use a computer with no veiling reflections. The Warehouse is cleverly illuminated with eight foot florescent fixtures spaced eight feet apart and placed on a diagonal to the building. This allows for flexible aisles, better vision in the narrow picker aisles and allows the staging area additional illumination by filling in the void eight foot space with an additional fixture for a continuous row where needed.